Our core profiling and recommendation technologies have been optimized into ready-to-use solutions: we can help you launch a personalized multi-screen product in just a few weeks.

  • CogniLive TV

    CogniLive TV

    Consumer Electronics, Operators

    Give consumers easy access to their favorite programs.

    CogniLive TV recommendation engine generates personalized program grids for quick selection and navigation.

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  • CogniKizz TV

    CogniKizz TV


    Turn your kids VOD corner into an innovative personalized channel.

    World 1st personalized channel “Mon Nickelodeon Jr” was launched on CanalSat in June ‘12

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  • CogniKiosk VOD

    CogniKiosk VOD

    Consumer Electronics, Operators

    Consumers easily find movies they’ll love

    Consumers just want to lean back and find in 2 minutes the movie they’lll enjoy in the next 2 hours

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  • CogniKizz net

    CogniKizz net


    Build a brand new experience with existin rich-media gaming edutainment.

    CogniKizz net is deployed across Europe and Asia through a partnership with Egmont A/S.

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  • CogniKool



    Leverage “Lifestyle” VOD content to create personalized TV channels on IPTV but also OTT, iPad etc…

    Use our dedicated recommendation engine toautomatically pick relevant videos for each viewer.

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  • CogniKronik



    Create a personalized news service: user-centric and fresh.

    Differentiate yourself: build a video news service on any device (iPad, television) to bring everyone news they are waiting for.

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  • CogniKart



    Consumers want to watch demos of products they like. They just want to lean back and discover interesting products they want to buy.

    With CogniKart, bring viewers the products they want to buy.

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  • CogniKlip



    Give your customers the music they want to listen to!

    Analyze users’ preferences in terms of genre, mood or other music features to easily bring them the music they love.

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